Friday, December 13, 2013

Improving Device Locator's Reliability

iOS 7 has modified the way apps run in the background. If an app is removed from the background, it no longer runs at all. Prior to iOS 7 even if the app was removed from the background, a cell tower switch would wake up Device Locator and it would continue to report. To clarify, double tapping the home button and swiping up on the app, prevents it from running in the background. If Device Locator is removed from the background, it no longer reports locations at all. To address this issue, we have introduced 2 new features: On the phone (or iPad) notifications for when Device Locator is removed from running in the background and email notifications for when our servers no longer receive locations from your device.

On the Phone (or iPad) Notifications

If Device Locator is installed on the iPhone and you have logged into your account on the app running on your iPhone, Device Locator will start to monitor itself to make sure that it is not closed. If the app is accidentally removed from running in the background, you will start to receive notifications on the phone reminding you to relaunch the application. Once the app is relaunched, the notifications will no longer appear. If you are in a situation where you must turn off Device Locator and do not want to receive notifications, you can use the in app switch to turn off location reporting. If you have application lock enabled from the website, the switch to turn off the location reporting will not be accessible from within the app. You must disable the application lock if you want to be able to temporarily disable Device Locator and not have it run in the background without receiving notifications that Device Locator has been closed.

Email Notifications

The on-phone (or iPad) notifications do not work if the app has been removed from the phone (or iPad). Also, if the phone or iPad loses power or is turned off, you will not be notified at all. To prevent this scenario from occurring accidentally, the email based notifications can be turn on. The email notifications are sent out when a device stops reporting locations for a period of time determined by the selected reporting interval for that device. To turn on email based notifications, login to and then click on the settings link for the device you would like to trigger notifications. On the settings page, you will find a link to turn on email notifications.

We hope that you find the on device notifications and email notifications to be useful tools to ensure that your device does not stop tracking without your knowledge. We hope that these features will help you identify behaviors that end up preventing Device Locator from functioning properly.

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